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Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 The Eastside Story Day 9 - Gettysburg …

I was greeted by a thunderous noise as I rode toward Gettysburg last night. It wasn’t the rumbling of canons firing across the battle field, though if you’d seen the sheer terror on my face as I came upon the sight you might have thought so.  Not the ghosts of battles past, no last night I arrived in the midst of nearly one thousand motorcycles on parade. I was so taken by surprise and an urgent sense of, “How the hell do I get out of this?” that I didn’t get a picture.
Last night I arrived, unwittingly, amidst the motorcycle parade and highlight of the Gettysburg Bike Week. I left them to their outdoor concert and fireworks last night and rode on over to the event grounds this morning to see what it had all been about. It was a much quieter spot this morning. Yesterday the 20 acre field had been filled with motorcycles. This morning at 10 they were rolling in again for the final few hours of festivities.

Today the town that was once terrorized and destroyed by battle was a-roar, this time not with canon fire but with loud pipes … The sound was as deafening as I imagine the original battle had been. 
Today it was a town full of road warriors doing battle with very little protective gear. Few helmets and fewer riding with protective jackets, pants or boots. I don't care how hot it is ... ATGATT!
Notice a little Star ... holding her own in the center of all those big 'ol hogs (and a couple of Suzukis')
I left the town 'battlefield' and headed to the historic battlefield.
Here the cannons still stand aimed - toward the south ....
and toward the north. 
The vast battle field where so many died is today dotted with monuments large and small. 
General Lee atop the Virginia monument.
The town of Gettysburg, last week, commemorated the 150th anniversary of the battle that inspired President Lincoln's 'Gettysburg Address' .... "Four Score and seven years ago...."


  1. Being among all those bikes must have felt interesting. No missing you with the high-vis.

    Looks like you had some nice sunshine though.

  2. Brandy - I would have stood out in the crowd if I was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt ... let along full hi-vis gear!
    Lots of sunshine and lots of heat. Heat wave moving in (careful what you wish for hee hee!)