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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Eastside Story Day 15: Back To The Shore

351 kilometers today, swinging north again to South Portland ME.

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Morning brought in another sweltering day and the area was under threat of severe storms. 
Evening brought relief. The air has cooled and the storm hasn't come. 
I had a pleasant walk in the neighborhood. 
Every body has their ride lined up. I hear there may be ice cream.

Tomorrow I will be joining a wonderful group of scooter riders on a much anticipated ride to the coast. Check out this Aprilia 500cc scoot. There's no mistaking it's Italian heritage.
I cannot believe the overwhelming hospitality of the wonderful people I've met today. (And I can't believe that Bobskoot and Scoot Commute beat me to the post ... must be all the kitty help I'm getting with mine.)


  1. Sure hope it is cooler for you guys at the coast. You deserve some relief.

  2. The "weather guys" are promising a break by tomorrow ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. So hard to want to sight see when wearing all the gear - all the time.

  3. Nice pics of the flowers along your walk. I thought it would've cooled off near the coast.

    1. Finally, the cool down happened. Quite refreshing today.

  4. I, too, hope you get a break in the heat. Maine is where folks go to escape the heat isn't it?

  5. Keith, Maine (and the entire coast) has been just as hot as the rest of the country ... until today. Finally the heat wave broke here. Hope it did for you as well.