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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 The Eastside Story Day 16:Touring With Scooters

The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect so one VStar, one Beemer and 5 Scooters set off to see the sights.
First stop, Portland Head Lighthouse. Our Tour Guide Mike was an expert on the lighthouse and the surrounding sights.
Next stop on the tour was Old Orchard Beach. It was still as crazy as I had remembered. After many stares I realized that full gear might be considered a bit of overkill for the beach but I had to walk on the sand ... I was there, the sand was there ...
Tom, one our scooter friends, had to point out the exact location of his "one scooter-stuck in the muck" story: Lesson learned from Tom, the sand doesn't freeze, even in January. If you ride your bike onto the beach, you will inevitably get it stuck, where your friend might help you get it unstuck once he stops rolling on the ground with laughter.
Scooter folks are the nicest people. Rebecca and Mike have been truly remarkable hosts.


  1. That second photo of the lighthouse is wonderful. Very nicely composed and I like the sky and the contrasting lighthouse.

    It looks like you found cooler weather (or cooler weather found you!)

  2. Thanks Richard - wish you were here. As for the weather, it was (not complaining, just saying) almost too cool for the mesh jacket.

  3. Excellent vantage point for the lighthouse. The weather sounds perfect for the tour!

  4. I will continue to be simply fascinated by that sand story :)

  5. I remember that stuck scooter story. I think any good friend would help unstick a scooter or bike - and the laughing is mandatory isn't it?

    I am with Richard - I really like that lighthouse picture.

  6. Sounds (and looks) like a lot of fun.

    I went riding with a great big group of scooterists one time. I was on my Triumph, and I was surprised at how hard they were to keep up with. Gotta watch out for scooterists - they're wily and quick. :)

  7. Karen if looks as if you are having an amazing trip. Your photos are beautiful as always. Looking forward to more of your posts. I was glad to see this post come over my twitter feed.