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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Friday, July 4, 2014

On The Road Again … Day 1 Levis Quebec

The sky was grey this morning making it hard for me to rush my packing and get on the road. Visions of riding in the wet and cold were swirling in my head, slowing me down decidedly. A last minute call from fellow rider Ron, fresh on the mainland from Newfoundland, inspired me to pack the last few things and get on the road - again. Ron is hunkering down in Cape Breton for Arthur so I thought, if I turned left I could meet him in Charlottetown but I should be as far as Quebec City by the end of the day.

The new luggage packs a bit differently than the old and though it seems I am taking less ( and electronics are taking over from cosmetics for most space required) I seemed to be carrying a little more weight up top and a little less down low. The bike felt heavy this morning. I decided to start on the secondary roads to get the feel of the fully packed bike again. I headed out the same way I’ve done for the past five years. It dawned on me later there was a much quicker way. I didn’t have to swing by my Mom’s place to say good bye this time… but there I was heading past her house, the long way. Old habits die hard, she was my biggest fan.
The scenic route seemed to take forever. Maybe it was the fact that the Star’s gas tank and my gas tank were not working together. My pit stops and her pit stops weren’t happening at the same time even though I was taking advantage of her need to stop as a bonus pit stop for me …. any way you look at it, it seemed like a lot of stops, so I moved over to the super-slab and started to barrel down the TransCanada and now here I am in Levis Quebec and as hard as it was this morning to kiss my soft, downy bed goodbye, and as hard as I know Big Agnes will be to sleep on I can’t believe how cozy the inside of my little paprika tent looks and feels, or how much I miss this life in the winter. Now I sit waiting to see what Arthur will do. I may stay in Levis for another day – we’ll see.
PS, The Star passed the 50 thousand km mark and I missed it.


  1. The last picture makes me want to take off on a road trip.

  2. I know your Mom was your biggest fan, but there are a few more of us out there too! Enjoy your first night in in your snuggely tent!

  3. Karen:

    Your last photo is making me homesick . . . Hope the storm passes without incident

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Looking forward to following this summer's travels (thanks to all those electronics - Bob would be proud). Have a great trip!

  5. You traveled quite the mileage already, given that you just started. I am always impressed with the luggage your trusty steed is carrying. Not sure I could handle the weight that well. I keep my fingers crossed that the weather gods are with you on your journey.

  6. You didn't miss the 50k mark, you were riding......

    Hope the weather cooperates and you don't get as wet as last year.

  7. I'm just starting the journey with you. :) But I can catch up quickly. I'm glad you were able to hit the road in good spirits, heading for a friend. Have fun!!