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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 3, 1511.1 Kilometers Later … PEI

After a leisurely breakfast and lengthy chat with both Mike (Mckenzie house proprietor) and a young couple from Montreal I left to ride along the Acadia Coastal Highway 134. It is a local route that is rarely far from the water’s edge and truly an enjoyable ride. It would seem that neither the locals nor the tourists get up early on Saturday mornings, but when they do look out. This is festival season in New Brunswick and the traffic became so heavy by Petit Rocher (I have no idea what they were celebrating) that I headed inland for a ‘faster,’ hopefully less travelled route. I didn't even contemplate stopping in Shediac during lobster festival.
Little did I know Mario Andretti would be driving down highway 8 in a Mini Cooper seeing how close he could cut it coming toward me, passing a line of cars. I’m sure if I had been a transport he never would have tried the move no matter how many turbos he had charged. It was just one of those times when you know, this jerk is really going to try to beat that line of cars and you make your plan. The shoulder was paved, I had an out but for a moment I wished I’d had a really, really, really loud air horn to scare the crap out of him. Of course I didn’t, so I just moved over toward the shoulder, thanked somebody that a Mini Cooper is really little, shook my head and continued on my happy ride. (By the way, had it been a larger car … I would have made a whole other plan in that split second!)
Today I stopped at the Cape Tormentine side of the Confederation Bridge. You can't really see the entire expanse of the bridge from here, but it is still amazing.
I’ve never stopped to look at the bridge from the New Brunswick side before. Don’t know why. They have a lovely little hiking trail and viewing area.
Now, 1,511.1 km later, I’m all set to enjoy a five day island vacation.


  1. Wow, over 500km per day! Lots of ground to cover. Five days on PEI should be a nice break.

  2. Jerks everywhere... glad you had enough space to make room for this idiot. Some people just have no regard for the two-wheeled kind. Now, enjoy your vacation.

  3. You really booked it over the miles. Glad that Mini Cooper was small.

    Lovely pictures of the bridge. I like the way it sees to disappear into the sky in the pics.

  4. That's 3 pretty solid days' riding. Enjoy your Island Vacation.