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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

if Your Map is Upside Down You Might Have A Great Hike

If your map is upside down and it doesn’t have directions on it, you might head off in the wrong direction. You might head north instead of south, but then you might encounter a great walking trail. If you find a great walking trail, you might think, “If I follow this, it’s gotta come out somewhere.” And that’s exactly what happened today. I am in Montmagny Quebec. A few years ago I was overpowered by residual hurricane winds and pulled off in Montmagny in search of shelter. That was the year the hurricane hit the east coast and created a massive power outage throughout NewBrusnswick. I remembered how lovely Montmagny was and decided to revisit.
So I did, then I went out walking .... I turned left then right (should have turned right then right) and found this giant bird (she’s so proud.) ... but then I found an amazing walking trail that took me to exactly where I had planned to go.

The moral or this story, put your walking shoes on, turn your map upside down and see where it takes you. Who knows, you might even end up where you intended to go.
It was a perfect riding day, refreshing temperatures, 3 drops of rain and, did she feel lighter? Just a bit!


  1. Great pictures! Interesting pier, or at least it looks like a pier...

  2. I love this side of St. Lawrence. Less crowded, too. I must have missed the mighty goose. I got the world's largest lobster in Shediac, though.

  3. Richard, it’s more art than pier ... the pier is over where the ferry was docked.
    Sonja, I don’t know if the goose or whatever it is, is permanent. I think it’s more part of some celebration coming up.