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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

That’s Why I Love Summer

And I was off to a slow start … all day long: get coffee, pack, check tire pressure ... Brrr, check temperature, add outer shell to jacket, get dressed, load up, gear up, get going …. Stop 200 feet away, take helmet off, take gloves off, gas up, get geared up again….finally hit the road. 60 km stop, get more coffee, swap up vented gloves for warm gloves … 60 more kilometres stop, take off gloves, helmet and jacket … put on sweater, might as well get more gas, gear back up, get going. Somethings flapping in the wind, I know it’s my ear bud wire and it’s bugging the hell out of me so stop again, get more coffee, tuck in the wires, gear up again, 60 kilometres (you probably saw this one coming, bathroom!) Stop, take off the helmet, jacket and gloves at Tim’s, swap up the gloves, take the sweater off… it seemed to go this way the entire day, then all of a sudden I was in Hartland and nearly at tonight’s destination, Fredricton NB. Rats, construction right at the proverbial doorstep. Damed if I’m going 5 km around the block just because of a solid yellow line. Not only did I loose all the stop times, I lost an hour moving into a different time zone, but that’s what I love about summer – the days are long and even if you don’t get to where you’re going until after 5 you’ve got lots of daylight left to enjoy a gad about.
Some very beautiful homes along the river here in NB’s Capitol.
Did I mention, this was the kind of day riders dream about - blue sky, cool temps and no humidity.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic days ride. Are you headed for PEI?

  2. I know Fredericton only from passing through. Please feel free to show me around, Karen.