Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Where’s A Tims When You Need It?

Today was overcast and looked like rain, but it didn’t, and that was good. Here’s a question for Canajun … do you think 1,286 km is too far to ride for a Tim’s?
Today’s ride was a bit shorter, not as cool, but still cool enough. There was about half an hour wait for construction. Winds were gusty, especially on the bridge. (No pictures of the bridge today.)But this is why I love summer.
I forgot how much I love this little tool. It might take longer, but does the job while I sit and watch.

I also forgot that this campground is the one with the sorriest wifi system ever. You will have to create the pictures in your mind, until I find a Tim’s with wifi.
(Yea, get up at 5:30 before the rest of humanity - and the wifi is all yours.)


  1. “I forgot how much I love this little tool”

    What tool?

  2. I am taking a guess, Richard, and assume that Karen meant the air pump for the sleeping pad.