Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The final ride … of 2011

It was time, time to gear up for my final ride this season. I didn’t want to make the ride but a look at the long range forecast and the calendar told me… I was running out of time. Today was the day I had to ride my Star to her winter storage spot. It wasn’t really cold, 10 degrees C and I might have changed my mind if the sky hadn’t truly lost its look of summer. Gone are those thunder heads that make us run for our rain gear. Those summer clouds have been replaced by an October sky that is whispering, “Snow.”
I swear as I stood there putting on my gloves, letting the engine warm up one last time that the Honda Rincon was laughing at me and the Star and our summer dependence from behind. I can’t believe it’s really over again.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks For Thanksgiving

Country Roads ...
Thanks for Thanksgiving … and all of the beauty it brought this year. This Thanksgiving weekend brought with it the most glorious weather, crisp blue skies with temperatures reminiscent of summer – three perfect days: two for riding and one for walking, eating and enjoying the company of friends, family and families of friends.

Saturday found me riding the Star over glorious rural roads abundant with the sights and smells of autumn to Historic Merrickville, ON. The sun was warm like summer but the air had the crisp feeling of fall, not to mention the pungent scent of farm fresh manure being spread. Autumn enjoys its own pace – it’s my favorite time of year.

Merrickville was filled with bikers grasping the last glorious weekend ride and boaters desperate for their last trip through the Rideau system canals. From Merrickville I headed to Brockville and then on to the Thousand Island Parkway west to Gananoque making it home just before the sun set.

Sunday was a homey day, a day for long country walks, turkey, family … and for battling, tulip bulb stealing, chipmunks. I swear chipmunks are just rats, dressed in cute clothes, with no other purpose than to dig up and eat every single tulip bulb I’ve ever tried to plant. I spent Sunday roasting turkey and spicing up my flower beds with cayenne pepper and hot chili peppers (I read that hot peppers might discourage the little rodents, spring will tell).

Monday was another perfect ride day - this time to visit the Smith Falls Railway Museum with Ken and Barb for a step back in travel time. We headed north on Battersea Road, a winding road lined with the spectacular colors of fall - nine kilometers of twisting, turning road that should be labeled, “Ontario’s Little Dragon Tail.” From Smith Falls we headed to Perth where we picked up County Road 10 to Westport and home again – another absolutely autumn day.

A step back in Railway Time
At the Station, Smith Falls ON