Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Not Exactly What I Had Planned ...

Today promised to be a stellar fall day - one last chance for a ride on the Star. Dave Blackburn asked, "Is it time?" Is it time to put the bike away for the winter? Yes Dave, it's time and today was the perfect day for a goodbye til spring ride.
The Star was polished, the bags removed, the gear laid out ... one last ride ...
But things didn't turn out exactly as I had planned.
Start, then stall. Start, then stall ... then don't start at all ... What's a gal gonna do? Call CAA of course. Meet Jim from Reid's Towing.  


Jim's been a rider all of his life. His wife used to ride a Star. She rides a Spyder now. He loaded my Star carefully onto his flat bed; I followed behind.
This was definitely not what I had planned for the day.
We made one stop on route to adjust the straps ....
 And arrived at KTek.
One tiny mishap, the Star tipped  and hit the gavel when a strap let go, but a by stander and Jim quickly righted her ... no visible damage.
 Thanks Jim.
See you in the spring Star.