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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Where Does Your Bike Live

This challenge just seemed too much fun to let pass....A View From Above (owner of a new man cave) has issued this challenge, "Where Does Your Bike Live."
So, this is where my Star lives and she's happy to be home though her space has gotten a bit more cramped since Randy (the Rescue Dummy) has moved in. I imagine she enjoys his company during the lonely nights even if he scares the crap out of me everytime I walk into the place.
 Home is where the heart is.

Welcome Back To Winter

Good morning boys and girls - welcome to the snowy south. Really, this is what we woke up to this morning in Ontario.
You just knew it had to happen since I brought the VStar home, her inaugural ride for the 2012 riding season, last Wednesday, the very next day the temperature started to fall and we’ve not seen sun since Friday.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Really Long Winded Reply

Trobairitz I loved Oregon. Portland was my turn-a-round city last year. After an oil change at Bob Lanphere’s Honda-Yamaha-Suzuki I headed east to Portland Maine (I thought it fitting for a coast to coast to do a Portland to Portland). Sorry I missed you. The route you've planned - definitely 'bucket list' worthy! I might be back...

Bob, you tease, you’ve peaked my interest: What’s happening in Joseph on July 21? (I was in Oregon last year on that date, it could happen again. PS, where the heck is Joseph - just kidding Google knows everything, except what's happening on the 21st.)

Richard, the photos don’t lie. The east coast is beautiful though it has an entirely different feel from the West Coast. It’s like the difference between Lady and the Tramp – in a good way. The East Coast is like a muffin on Gran’s fine china and the west, like Nouveau Cuisine served on square plates. I’m such an easterner, I was so surprised by how little space there was between the mountains and the sea, so little real coast on the west coast (not to mention so many tsunami evacuation routes.) The south does get hot, but then I recall travelling west and hitting temperatures of 103 F in the badlands. The mountains are always cooler. Two summers ago my hometown was reporting a heat wave with temps upward of +42 C and I was cool and comfortable in the Appalachian Mountains. On the coast it was fine but I didn’t head south, I headed to The Island (PEI) where it was terrific as long as it wasn’t raining. I so love the Atlantic Coast.

Canajun, I love travelling along the St. Lawrence too. I’ve done Quebec City to Kingston several times but hesitate, when I’m travelling alone, to venture north - so I’ve never been up the Saguenay to Val Jabert. I have to admit I find it comforting to know that civilization, aka; gas, a secure campground, cell phone service and a CAA tow truck are always nearby should I need them. In both Northern Quebec and Northern Ontario services can be spread thin. (Maybe it's time to move out of my comfort zone.)

I Am Road King, I am also drawn to the beach. Assateague Island National Seashore looks like a beach I need to see, I almost booked a campsite.

I’m loving the suggestions and hope that one morning I will wake up with a plan. It’ll just be there, waiting in my head and I’ll know where I’m going. I’ve got a few weeks. So for today I’ll enjoy the Ontario sunshine (PEI had snow this morning) eat chocolate, and watch my Magnolia try to bloom in this unpredictable weather....Keep those suggestions coming!
My Magnolia

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Sky ... Decisions!

Will it rain, will it snow, will the sun shine . . . If Mother Nature can't make up her mind, how am I supposed to!
The only thing I know for sure is that the VStar is still in storage. I keep saying it's because I think Mother Nature has one more snow left ... but lately I'm beginning to think it's because I can't make a decision.
I can't decide where the summer of 2012 will take me and my Star and I can't face Ms. (not so) Prissy (anymore) without knowing where we're headed. (Just to bring you all up to speed, she was Ms.Prissy in 2010 - when she was pristine and new - but after a few scars from along the road she's (not so) Pristine (anymore), but she's still Ms. Prissy to me.)
Where am I going? I've been from here to there and back and now I've have to decide on a a new here and there and I can't make up my mind! So many roads to ride ... will it be from the 49th to the Mexican border, should it be along Route 66 or to the beaches I love? Decisions, decisions, decisions - HELP! - I think I'll have chicken! At least I can decide on lunch.