Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Beautiful Saturday ... in Search of Colour

With temperatures hovering at "perfect" it was a beautiful day to ride in search of colour.

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277 km later and here's what I found.

Sydenham ON 
 Mayberly ON
 Jones Falls ON
Long Lake Road, Bolingbroke Road and Battersea Road (3 great motorcycle roads) ... I was early ... some of the trees have embraced the dance of autumn, dawning gold and crimson but most are still hanging on to their sexy, summer green.
The day ended in Battersea ON  with a 'Creekside' meeting of the Kingston Bike Club ...
Fall colours ... maybe next weekend - Stay tuned for the annual Battersea Pumpkin Festival.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Advice From The Dog

Be loyal
Delight in the simple joys of a long walk
Unleash your talents
Hide your favorite snack
Make new friends
Learn new tricks, no matter your age
When loved ones come home, always run to greet them (Ilan Shamir)

Misty Rose
June 1999 - September 2013
When life gives you ducks ... go swimming in the pond no matter what it does to you hair!.
That's my girl.

Monday, September 2, 2013

...And That's How I Met My Next Door Neighbor

A shiny bike is a happy bike and I thought the Star was happy until a couple of weeks ago when Ken asked why I hadn't shined up the wheels. Good question. I never thought about the wheels. He was right, they were disgusting, so this was the day to rectify. It was a beautiful day for a short ride to town to buy a bike load of buffing, polishing and shining products, the day to go all the way!

I was set on the drive: the hose was on, the S100 total cycle cleaner in hand. I was armed with cotton cloths, microfiber clothes, glass cleaning shop towels, AutoGlym Fast Glass and AutoGlym Metal Polish (for brilliant lustre and protection for all types of polishable metal - wheels look out).

I worked up a sweat squirting, spraying, rubbing, rinsing, spraying, rinsing and rubbing. I washed and polished every square centimeter of motorcycle ... then it was time for the wheels (one side note here - who the hell invented spoked wheels?) I was focused, the end goal was in sight. One small dab of AutoGlym (by the way, their idea of reasonable pressure and mine are not exactly the same - more sweat) and the chrome on the wheel began to reflect the sunlight like it hadn't done in years - I was on a mission ... Kids, do not do this at home!

So intent on polishing the chrome on the front wheel I didn't notice all the rinsing had softened the gravel driveway, not unlike a heavy spring rain. I hadn't put the kick stand plate down nor had I left the Star in gear ... and ... you know where this story is headed. That's when I noticed the bike start to move ever so slightly but by the time I reacted it was to watch the kickstand fold back in slow motion and to see 510 pounds of motorcycle fall over, ever so slowly, ever so gently - until it was lying flat on its side (TU would be the local expression.)

Flat down on the gear side, the kickstand side and with a full tank of gas, wearing sandals on a gravel drive, no time for pictures, only time to call for reinforcements.  And that's how I got to meet my new next door neighbors. (Thanks guys - come on over for a glass of wine sometime!)

Another lesson learned!

(photo compliments of Wikipedia)