Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some Days you might have to wait for the tow truck

Some days you take one route home and some days another. Some days you get home and some days, well – some days you might have to sit and wait for the tow truck.

Monday I decided to take the 401 (part of the TransCanada) and a quick way to skirt the kings-town traffic. Good choice, bad choice, who knows. Right smack dab between one on ramp and the next off ramp (less than 1k.) I heard a slight "pouf" from under the hood. In the passing lane, on the business side of a semi I was suddenly dead in the proverbial water. Thankfully I was doing a speed that left me with enough forward momentum to coast across 4 lanes and come to a not so graceful stop on the shoulder. Done like a dinner. I loved that 14 year old piece of nuts and bolts.

Two months ago my trusty mechanic said, "You should have that timing belt adjusted!" I didn't. It broke. Car died. She was 350k old. She lived a good life but …

Bought a ‘new to me’ Hyundai Tucson tonight. Clean, fair price but not my old gal. Forced to change I would have rather had the playful, turbo charged little AWD Nissan (mid life crisis) Juke. It came down to how much I was willing to pay for fun. I decided I’d ride the Star for fun and settle for the previously loved, older, more practical and much cheaper SUV the rest of the time. Hopefully she lasts as long her predecessor the SanteFe.

Lesson learned. Next time I will listen to my 'learned' mechanic.

And as an aside I had quite the chat with that tow truck operator about drivers who don’t move over for emergency vehicles. Response time for the rescue 25 minutes. They prioritize motorists stranded on the freeway. They realize how dangerous it is. Slow down folks – move over. It could be me or the white knight who came to rescue me that you kill!

(Thanks Google for the pictures on todays post.)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Motorcycle Super Show 2015

With the VStar in storage the perfect way to inject a little 'motorcycle-ness' into winter is to head to the Motorcycle Super Show in Toronto for ...

Vintage bikes, bike talk and restorations

Ken Morgan & Bar Hodgson (Show Producer)
1948 HRD Vincent Black Chopper
Honda 175, like my first bike "Flame" bikes, previously loved bikes, vendors (galore) 



... and a lot of serious bling (and other stuff)

 Some stuff that made Ron (aka Art Rider) say, "what the f#%$ is that?"
(... and no kidding, we passed a motorcycle on the way home ... what the .... f#%$ was that!)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Where Did The Time Go?

“What happens, happens. It's permanent,  forever lost in history. There's no turning back … time stops for no one. Cherish the moment it is passing by at the speed of life” Unknown

There’s nothing that marks the passing of time so well or hits home harder than having to have a new passport photo taken. It’s not that 2014 has gone by in the blink of an eye but that the last five years have passed in  merely a breath. My passport is up for renewal. Who is that ‘old’ person in the new photo … where did the time go?

"Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which you were born."    Albert Einstein

May 2015 bring only happy memories that leave you feeling like a child. May you never cease to play.

And ... sometimes change is good! 
I started this blog 5 years ago and like my passport, it was time to renew it.