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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting on another year gone by: my 5 (+1) most memorable moments (good and bad) but mostly good.

 It’s New Year’s Eve once again. It’s a time when most of us take a moment to reflect on the old year we’re leaving behind as we face the New Year ahead. For me it has been an exciting year and perhaps that’s the reason it seems to have flown by all too quickly. Not wanting to bore you totally with my life I’ve decided to share five events that made my year special and I invite you to share the things that have made this year memorable for you.

This year I challenged myself by taking a journey. It began as a solo motorcycle ride to California and ended up being a Coast to Coast adventure. I have hundreds of memories from this tour, two have made my list: Number one was seeing the Pacific Ocean and the Costal Hwy for the first time; the second was letting my Star fall on a deserted Mountain road in California and being helped by total strangers (the world is full of very nice people, and I got to meet a lot of them on this trip.)

This year my friends suggested I send my blog photo (you know, the one of me and my star) to Yamaha for their “What kind of Yamaha are you?” promotion. That brings me to number three. Barbara called to tell me she had something to show me and it turned out to be me and my star in the Yamaha ad featured in Canadian Biker Magazine. (There’s nothing like a moment of fame to boost your ego.)

Number four on my list of best memories of the year was being able to celebrate another Christmas with my Mom (now 94 years old and going strong), my sons, my granddaughter and my friends. And not only did Santa come but we had the best turkey that ever gave up its life for a dinner. (Life is all about food isn’t it?)

And now for number five, some of the best memories are of and with my friends. I am lucky to have been able to celebrate with one friend the launching of a new career as an artist, well done Ron. (Sadly I have also been able to cry with three other friends, Jan and Sue who this year both began very difficult battles with cancer, and Leslie who lost her Dad.)

As 2012 approaches … here’s to my family and to my friends old and new ... here's to all my fellow bloggers and fellow riders ... Wishing you the all best. Here's to new memories. Cheers! And Happy New Year.

Post your link in the comments to share your memories of 2011.

And now I've one more moment ...being on Gary France's list of Oscar winners. What a great list. What fun. Thanks Gary.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's the Night Before Christmas ...

It’s the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature is stirring, well perhaps just one mouse (but the cat will take care of that ... later, after her nap).
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, (I can’t believe I still stuff stockings for my children – they are grown men) in hope that St. Nicholas soon would be there.
Everyone’s nestled all snug in their beds (along with the dogs) while visions of turkey and stuffing and downloading apps dance in my head. …

Christmas Eve (what’s done is done, what isn’t – isn’t going to be) and here I sit wondering how it is that another Christmas has arrived so suddenly. In reality I know it took 365 days but still it seemed to sneak up on me. Tonight I think of my father who told me once, “The older you get, the faster time seems to go,” and now I understand what he meant. On the bright side I guess that means summer is just a blink away. (As of yesterday, the days are getting longer again, yahoo!)

Looks like Santa has been here ... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!