Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, January 30, 2012

More Ice - More Ice - More Ice

The weather continues to be crazy with more ice, more ice, more ice.
The drive home was crazy slippery on Friday.

But Saturday morning the sun shone and highlighted the jeweled crusting of ice on everything.
(Of course the neighbors thought I was crazy out in my pjs and slippers taking pictures as the sun came up.)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lanark County And Back - Under Cloudy Skies

Creek on Bolingbroke Road near Maberly
Wheeler's Pancake House - Our destination.
A little bit more snow than home.

Ken's mammoth pancake breakfast with genuine Maple syrup,
Ken and Barb
Local resident (Needs a trim!)
No sheep spotted - just sleds crossing
Westport ON, view from Foley Mountain

Bedford Mill

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Me and My Shadow(s)

It's been a crazy couple of days weather wise; pouring rain Tuesday, flash freeze and thaw Wednesday, blizzard (with thunder and lightening) Thursday, undecided Friday with a light dusting of snow and Spring on Saturday. Saturday a perfect day for a late afternoon walk on the lake to take a photo of me and my shadow (I look really tall). 

and then another of my apple tree and her shadow. (Really, I wish Mother Nature would "P" or get off the pot! This spring like weather ... she is such a tease.)

(Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 snow scene setting)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Through a Leica Lens

The folks at 'Henry's' convinced me to trade in my Nikon for the Panasonic Lumix because of the Leica lens. The DMC-ZS10 (my new digital toy) has a 16X optical zoom and records video in full HD ... but the real deal maker was the built in GPS (no more having to pull out the note pad to record where I am when I take a photo).
Thursday's ice turned to rain and then to snow and the temperature dropped to minus 25. So when the sun came out today and convinced the temperature to rise to a balmy minus 10 degrees Celsius I decided to take a little walk about and try looking at my neighborhood through the Leica Lens.

The Barn - Battersea

Fishing Boats Waiting For Spring - Battersea

Loughborough Lake - Ice Road

The Sleds That Run The Ice Road

Sydenham ON, Dressed in Snow

The Creek - Sydenham, ON,
Saturday, January 14


Thursday, January 12, 2012

And I Didn't See A Single Motorcycle...

I woke up this morning to window panes pebbled with a thick coating of ice. Mother Nature struck an unkindly blow of winter overnight hitting us with freezing rain that lacquered the landscape with a crystal coating, turning nature into art and the pavement into a drivers nightmare.
The roads were lined with trees that reminded me of "old gals," their branches, like shoulders, were drooping from carrying the weight of too much bling. The streets were slick and driving was like walking in tap shoes across an ice rink ... but this was just a hiccup, 'cause we all remember the ice storm of 1998. And I didn't see a single motorcycle - does this mean the riding season is really, finally, actually - over?
                                                          Scenes from the neighborhood.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Joe Rocket Alter Ego 11.0 Jacket

Thanks Eilish for the suggestion to post a pic of the new jacket. (The photo isn't mine, it's from the Rocket sight but this is what it looks like). It's called a three in one, but actually has four layers; the outer hi-vis shell, the hi-vis mesh jacket, an inside rain shell plus the quilted liner.

The zipper configuration has completely changed from my current Rocket 3 in 1 jacket and the quilted layer is a new and welcome addition for riding in cooler temps. The jacket is a bit longer than my current 3 in 1 jacket but retains adjustable waist and arms and zipper to attach to my riding pants. There are zips on the cuffs and sides to open for comfort and convenience and a zipper vent in the back outside shell. I'm hoping that when I open the side zippers it will prevent the jacket from riding up when seated. I especially love that the mesh also has bright lime colour sections and that the zippers (for the various layers) are all color coordinated for the configurationlly challenged. (So what I really love is that it's a lot cleaner and bug free than my old jacket - for now)

I was talking with Ken tonight (he bought the same jacket at the show) and he mentioned he was disappointed there was no reflective aspect to the jacket. Ken, if you turn out all the lights ... the piping, between the lime and black (on the back) seems to be reflective, it's not a lot, but it's some. Perhaps the designers have decided if a rider has the sense to purchase a highly visible colour, they have the sense not to ride at night.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Motorcycle SUPERSHOW 2012 - Toronto

Diehard Riders attend Motorcycle SUPERSHOW
Toronto, ON, January 6, 2012
Although it was at least as big and busy as ever I’m feeling that it wasn’t as grand as it has been. Though I had as much fun as ever at this year’s supershow with my friend Mary – a newbie, there just didn’t seem to be as many new and exciting things to see. Perhaps it’s the state of the motorcycle industry or perhaps it’s just a sign that I need to take a break from the event.

The Black Prince

The star of this year’s show was a blast from the past; the “Black Prince”. The Black Prince is a 1955 Vincent, baby of Bar Hodgson (International Motorcycle Supershow Producer) built in collaboration with Phil Mahood. The streamlined Black Prince was originally built, not for speed, but for the rider who wanted to commute in a suit. 

Phil Mahood - Vincent Man
Me &and Mr. Batman Suit
 On the pretty cool factor were the riding suits with built in pecs and abs … featuring the Batman and the Storm Trooper look. As for me, I came home with a new high-vis Rocket Canada, Alter Ego 11.0 3-in-one jacket and a pair of spring loaded clip on shades.

Richard, Ken and Greg admire the TR-750

1972 Suzuki TR-750
1988 DR 750 Suzuki - Dr. Big

And of course ... YAMAHA