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Friday, January 6, 2012

Motorcycle SUPERSHOW 2012 - Toronto

Diehard Riders attend Motorcycle SUPERSHOW
Toronto, ON, January 6, 2012
Although it was at least as big and busy as ever I’m feeling that it wasn’t as grand as it has been. Though I had as much fun as ever at this year’s supershow with my friend Mary – a newbie, there just didn’t seem to be as many new and exciting things to see. Perhaps it’s the state of the motorcycle industry or perhaps it’s just a sign that I need to take a break from the event.

The Black Prince

The star of this year’s show was a blast from the past; the “Black Prince”. The Black Prince is a 1955 Vincent, baby of Bar Hodgson (International Motorcycle Supershow Producer) built in collaboration with Phil Mahood. The streamlined Black Prince was originally built, not for speed, but for the rider who wanted to commute in a suit. 

Phil Mahood - Vincent Man
Me &and Mr. Batman Suit
 On the pretty cool factor were the riding suits with built in pecs and abs … featuring the Batman and the Storm Trooper look. As for me, I came home with a new high-vis Rocket Canada, Alter Ego 11.0 3-in-one jacket and a pair of spring loaded clip on shades.

Richard, Ken and Greg admire the TR-750

1972 Suzuki TR-750
1988 DR 750 Suzuki - Dr. Big

And of course ... YAMAHA


  1. Although bikes are looking gorgeous. I am really Harley Davidson lovers and i have collected so many bikes photos and till not miss any Harley Davidson shows. But i did miss this shows. I am kicking my self why i always get late update.

  2. motorcycle parts - make no mistake there were lots of Harleys at the show... a gigantic show with just too many things to photograph and fit into one posting. Too bad you missed it, watch for it January 2013 and thanks for stopping by.

  3. The show is coming to Ottawa next weekend. I'll probably go, and probably come away (again) wishing I hadn't wasted $15. But it's January, so where else can you see and talk motorcycles at this time of the year?

  4. ...there are so many shows nowadays. Hamilton, On has it's own show Jan 25-27, Careport Centre, then London, Kitchener! Would like to see your hi-vis jacket photo. Hi-vis makes so much sense to me, I just bought one in November, scooter "cafe" style.

  5. Canajan - you are so right. The December Toronto show makes you question the price of admission. The January Supershow is a place to go if you're looking for gear and know the prices - if you're there early enough, and they still have your size, you might save about $100. off a new Joe Rocket jacket. Have fun at the Ottawa show but don't expect the manufacturers to have anything you haven't seen before. (I was disappointed not to see the Harley parts furniture that I've been reading about from other shows :o)!

    Eilish - I agree, hi-vis just makes sense. Great idea to post a pic, will do ASAP (thanks for suggesting and for stopping by).