Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Riding Partner!

She screamed into town around 9:30 this morning ... No, she didn't come by motorcycle and she didn't arrive  by car, but she made it, safe and healthy (much to the joy of her big sister!) Today granddaughter #2 arrived.
#1 and #2 - The Best of Spring 2013
(Now, maybe, I can get the motorcycle out of storage!)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Every 15 Years Or So …

Every 15 years or so Mother Nature decides we need a kick in the pants.  Maybe she just wants to let us know who's in charge, who knows! This year she chose spring to hit us with her best shot and last night she decided to start her ‘hissy fit’ with a “winter” storm in spring.
Wednesday night those in the know started talking about winter storms with ice pellets and snow.  It hadn’t really happened by Thursday, just a bit of rain (April showers bring May flowers after all) but they still claimed it was coming. I thought, really?  It’s spring!  So, with a final look at the weather radar before heading to ‘nod’ I figured, they were wrong again and went to sleep, confident I knew what the world would look like in the morning. What I didn’t see was a dragon waiting to pounce. Thursday’s rain was just the appetizer.  
This morning I (and much of the rest of the province) woke up to the main course.
It’s nothing compared to the “Great” ice storm of ’98 (we're still talking about that one)  but this was my driveway when I got home.
And, if you've been watching my lake ... this is what it looked like today.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gary’s Challenge – Cool Places To Park Your Motorcycle

So Gary, I really haven’t parked my bike in too many contest winning, cool, outlandish, weird or otherwise unusual spots but I have parked in front of some memorable vistas.

First, this isn’t the star, this was my sweet,  Savage Suzi, parked somewhere south of Jackson Hole, maybe Colorado or Utah … don’t remember exactly where, but I’ve always loved how the sun danced off her windscreen. (Anybody recognize where I was?)
Next, the new Star shining on the coast of Prince Edward Island with the spectacular Confederation Bridge in the background.
And the Star, dwarfed by a lighthouse (nothing remarkable here, except for the fact I travelled over a kilometer on wet, red sand, balancing between two tire ruts – there was no turning back until I got to the end.)

Here's the Star hugging the Welcome to Utah sign.
And at the Bonneville Salt Flats ... ya, nice place to look at, but ride on it? Really!
I also loved the fog behind the Star at Bodega Bay (where Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was filmed.)

And my last photo - parked inside a Good Samaratan's Garage, Black River Wisconsin after being caught in a wicked 'black' weather system.
Gary, nothing but memories - thanks for bringing them back (and not making me sit on the centre line of some outrageously dangerous place!)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Iceman "Goeth"

The holiday weekend was warm and hopeful but it left us with nothing but a promise as the workday week took us back into winter.
 Still, every day, as I walk past the lake ...
 I see even the iceman can't fight spring. 
Little by little the iceman of the lake, he is receding!
But how long now?