Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Has It Really Been That Long?

I opened up my Blogger dashboard tonight - last posted, August??? What, really???  (How do I log in, what do I do??) Then sadly I realized, there hasn't been any exciting moto-content to write about since August, and so I haven't. No wonder I'm out of practise. But it's finally spring and time to catch up. So here's a quick synopsis of what's been happening, (an admission that I am still breathing) with new spring motorcycle content! Promise, sort of!
August - a mini cottage vacation on one of the Thousand Islands and a breathtaking sunrise.

September - a new school year, a new car. I could handle some of the mechanical failures but when the air-con quit at 35 degree C- I confess, I bailed! Review of new car ... not only cute and sporty, proved itself to be a little pig in the snow when it needed to be. Good choice. (And the fleet colour is now white!) Also one of the last meetings of the Kingston Area Old Timer's Motorcycle Club at the Creekside.

October - rode the Star to storage. Great news, wires had been decimated by rodents again. (Can't remember, is this the 3rd or 4th time it needs at least a partial re-wire job because of the mice?) Still working on that problem, it is what it is, life goes on. Participated in the Battersea Pumpkin Festival Parade and Halloween with the grandchildren.
November - yeah, nothing happened but birthday after birthday.
December it was all about the cookies ... All of my friends and neighbours will remember the cookie event of 2018.

January - The motorcycle Super Show in Toronto - same old, same old. Okay one of the 'stars' of American Pickers was on site. Cool? Why?
February -  thaw, freeze, thaw, freeze. Global warming floods the fields, it's cold again, might as well make the most of it. Skating - Yipeee!  (Coop ... your Joni Mitchell connection was so timely)
March, Blackberry fails. Darn, I loved that phone and the photos it took were amazing ... but it's lived a good life. How the heck do I get the Samsung to make me as happy?
April, a walk about town with #2 son. What's this ... motorcycles sprouting in the flower bed, or is it the dead stuff from last year?  Yahoo, motorcycle content, finally, once again - IT MUST BE SPRING.