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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Aren't You Glad You Don't Live In Ontario

Breaking news across the province tonight …

I don’t usually 'rant', but tonight I can't help my self. Tonight's headlines were enough to bring me out of motoblogging hibernation to launch a tirade. Is there anyone who believes a motorcyclist, anywhere, isn’t more likely to get seriously injured in an accident? SERIOUSLY?

Yes, motorcyclists in Ontario get hurt when they crash. Thank you Captain (University of Toronto,) Obvious for pointing it out. Motorcyclists are more apt to get hurt in an crash no matter where they live. How much money did it cost to analyze this data and publish this study?

The study's authors said they hope the higher medical costs associated with motorcycle crash injuries provide incentive to improve motorcycle safety.” (CP 24)

My question is: "Wouldn’t the money spent analyzing the obvious been better allocated on motorcycle safety training?" By your own admission, fatalities have not changed, only the cost to care for the injuries. Who sponsors this research? Just asking?  Hey, help them out - take off your helmet, become a fatality and eliminate the cost of post accident medical care altogether.

But that's just my opinion.

And yes, I am still around ... after a long, wet August, a September plagued with mechanical issues, and an October of motorcycle envy from work ... I'm dreaming of summer 2018 (even if I live in Ontario where I am "3 times more likely" to be hurt riding a motorcycle). Oh, crap, I drive a car in this province too, what does that mean for my statistics?

My view from the lake - yesterday. Here comes winter.