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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

... About Motorcycles and all Things Connected.

You might (or might not) be wondering what motorcyclists do when they can't do motorcycles? Well today, as the first snowflakes of the season began to fall, a few got together and talked about motorcycles and all things connected. You might remember me mentioning the Kingston Motorcycle Club before: that casual group of motorcyclists with no real name, no membership fees and no real agenda. Well, they met again today at the Creekside. One of the group today is a blogger, rider and somewhat of an opinionated historian ... check him out (Progress is fine, but it's gone on too long.)  A couple of the real die hards rode to the meet skirting through the snowflakes.Not me, I walked ... and met these two along the way.
I can’t help thinking how lucky we are here to have the changing seasons. I enjoyed the summer and motorcycle rides and the brilliant colours of fall...but now it’s time for the brown and grey landscape to give way to the splendorous white of snow...Soon!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Trail -Two Sundays ... In November

Mid November and we've had two spectacular, sunny, Sundays in a row here in eastern Ontario. Even though the bike's away the beautiful weather has been a gift; lots of time for meeting with friends, having picnics and exploring more places along the Cataraqui trail ... One trail, two Sundays...
 Cataraqui Trail - Sydenham to Harrowsmith run, the old rail bridge crosses above the highway.
The creek runs by the trail at Sydenham.
 Passing by a pond along Perth Road.

 The Cataraqui Trail heading toward Chaffey's Locks from the Perth Road entrance.
 High in the sky - planes are coming and going...
while nature is preparing for sleep here below. The winter birds were chirping with happiness at the surprising warmth of the late fall sun today along the trail.
The perfect day drew to a close in a burst of colour with a rising crescent moon ...
wishing a goodnight.
Could life get any better ... if you can't be riding that is?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday November 3 - Road Trip

520 kilometers, a new helmet, plenty of junk food and lots of photos of Ron's art show ... A  SATURDAY ROAD TRIP!

Photo downloaded from the web
GP Bikes first stop (after the first OnRoute
 junk food stop) for the last day of the truck load sale. I had decided it was time (after 5 years) for a new helmet and they had a mountain of them at GP Bikes, Whitby. Finally after trying on several and walking around wearing one for (what seemed like) a very long time I settled on a Shoei RF1100 that fit my round head.
Now the paint job was/is not my first choice but for a saving of 50 bucks (over plain white) I decided I could wear a helmet with images of diabolical dualism: the devil and the devine (and it sort of matches my bike.) The RF1100 has had terrific reviews and the price was, well let's just say, it was a bargain I couldn't pass up (last year's paint job - incredible savings, what more can I say!)

Artist Ron and his charming wife Lynne
Then it was on to the Kent Farndale Gallery, Port Perry for the opening of Ron's Wanderlust, Wonderlust Exhibit. Ron is a motorcyclist, former racer and phenomenal artist. I was thrilled to be invited to photograph the event, and in awe of the folks he calls his friends including the original Father Goose. Who knew!

Ron and Bill Lishman (Father Goose)
Great show Ron ... Phenominal Day (with just one more junk food stop on the way home) Everybody's gotta have one junk food day a year and this was mine!
That's right - It's Sold!