Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lanark County And Back - Under Cloudy Skies

Creek on Bolingbroke Road near Maberly
Wheeler's Pancake House - Our destination.
A little bit more snow than home.

Ken's mammoth pancake breakfast with genuine Maple syrup,
Ken and Barb
Local resident (Needs a trim!)
No sheep spotted - just sleds crossing
Westport ON, view from Foley Mountain

Bedford Mill


  1. The Bedford Mill just looks like the water wheel is missing. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.

  2. Your pictures are breathtaking! The pancakes made me feel hungry they looked so good!

  3. Great pics. I love the picture of the shaggy local resident.

    And now I am craving pancakes with real maple syrup. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a great day.

  4. Richard - the mill is beautiful and owned by a motorcycle enthusiast/collector/expert with quite an extensive collection of historic bikes.

    Dar - they only cook pancakes and French toast and they do both expertly. It was a "delicious" day.

    Trobairitz - mmmm maple syrup, is there anything else to say?

  5. Looks like a great place!! Wishing we had snow here.. Our sleds are calling.

    1. Kathleen - it's a lovely spot if you ever get the chance (nice in summer by bike too). I know what you mean about the lack of snow - snowmobilers around here are getting used to riding on "snirt".