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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Caraquet/Pokemouche NB - July 17 - Day Whatever

I'm in Pokemouche, not to be confused with Pokemon kids!
I can't help wondering if the heat wave is still happening in Ontario because the wonderful temperatures of PEI are a thing of the past and New Brunswick is hot. I left fairly early under a threat of rain and high winds, even the campground attendent threatened that I would get wet, but as I approached the Confederation bridge I saw the clouds part and a sunbeam lit up the majestic arches at the center, the highest part of the bridge. I knew it would be and it was clear skys and beautiful riding right from there. There was some construction toward Moncton but it wasn't holding up traffic because they weren't working.
New Brunswick - the land of bush and moose. They have three kinds of roads in New Brunswick, those with BIG moose signs, those with little moose signs and those that they don't apparently care if you hit a moose or not. I've been on all three of those types of roads today. Garmin Dan must be a drag racer at heart given that he wanted me to travel the roads coated with rubber and quarter mile skid marks much of the time.
I'm camped at a new KOA tonight - I'd have to say it's a "cruise ship" of campgrounds. They are actually celebrating Noel here tonight (I'm in the heart of Acadia and it is mainly French) The main drag is paved and the rest of the streets brand new. Brand new topped with very loose, sandy gravel. The few tent sights are small, but thoughtfully placed amongst trees but it is the only campground so far that Ive had to ask for help with the VStar. I pulled in, onto the grass - the ground below the grass soft and fresh. I could still see the seams in the new sod, now almost dried crisp. The tires sank slightly and the rear end of the bike was on slightly higher ground. The grassed area is about 2 feet wider than the bike is long, with a nasty little ditch between the sites. I could not back it up to turn it around. I tried unloading everything to make it light enough, but it was a no go, the back tire, ever so gently, sank about an inch and I couldnt get out of the rut (I guess that's where that expression comes from). Luckily for me there was a young park attendant travelling around in a golf cart and I flagged him down. With just a little extra push on the front I got it backed up and turned around and resting comfortably on the gravel. I'll be pulling out very carefully in the morning. Tent set up, I went for a very warm walk down the highway to a little village where low and behold, for all you Battersians, there was a Creek restaurant - beside a much bigger creek than the one in Battersea.
Have I told you all about my BigEars. Well, my ears aren't actually big, they are quite dainty really, but my ear plugs are custom fitted by bigearinc and work like a charm. Comfortable to wear, easy to insert and they fit flush with my ears so there's no accidently knocking them out when I put on my helmet.
Tomorrow, I'm off to Rimouski about the same distance ride as today as long as Dan follows the straight and narrow.

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