Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Charlottetown - A Misty, Moisty Look

Well, plans to visit Anne's land had to be postponed because the afternoon rain started at 8am, I must be confused about Atlantic time. (If I was a hard core rider I'd have gone anyway, but I chose to switch to a more tenderfoot plan B). Charlottetown, the birthplace of Confederation. Charlottetown seems to be under construction in just about every direction. Canada, two seasons,hockey and construction. I filled up with gas and added air to the front tire (down by 3 psi)at the first stop. The second stop, Tims for coffee, where I overheard a little girl's comment, "I didn't know girls could ride motorcycles." I had to tell her about Emily and this blog, and yes, girls and boys can ride motorcycles, girls and boys can do anything they choose, right Alexa and Rachel, Mitchel and Jessica!
The ride into town wasn't too bad in daylight under a steady drizzle, at least it's warm. I'm always cautious in the rain and they seemed to have filled in the cavernous holes in the road with gravel today rather than slick, slimy, red mud. The hustle and bustle of Regis and Kelly was winding up as crews were wrapping stacks of folding chairs in plastic wrap to be loaded onto trucks down on the quay. There were musicians busking on the scenic streets including a brave piano player, playing under a gazebo roof - the rain didn't dampen their spirits. I didn't go far, walked around doing the tourist thing downtown then a quick stop at Wally-Mart for supplies. Luckily I headed back to camp just before the once again heavy downpours.
Back at camp zero I seem to be battling another plague - I've managed to hold the squirrels at bay by unloading the luggage and bringing it indoors (such as it is), they're ticked and chatter at me from the trees. Now it's the earwig brigade I'm fighting. My picnic cooler was full of floating earwigs, I catch them scurrying up the tent walls, on the tent floor, they're everywhere - I've become a ruthless killer (My new weapon of choice, paper towel). I suspect I've squashed one of the little critters under my right shift key, which is now making a crunching sound when I press it. Luckily I am bigger than both squirrels and earwigs and think I will survive the war.
Thanks Elizabeth et al for the wonderful evening of laughter, food and fun. Enjoy the weddings.
Tomorrow once again the weather fairies are promising sun and I'll be off to the other side of the Island.
Hey Shelley nice to have you along for the ride, that must mean my Mom only has to pay 52 people to read the blog - unless of course, did my mother call you?

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  1. Hi Karen, Lynne & Ron are following along too from bears (have you seen any "bares" in campsites - they are a little more common) to squirrels to earwigs.
    Regis & Kelly missed out when they didn't talk to you.
    WOW what a trip,