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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Long Weekend

July 31 and the beginning of that obscure, what are we celebrating, only in Ontario, Civic Holiday, long weekend. Any excuse for a party weekend in Ontario and a good excuse for a little bike ride. My friends were showing their Jag in an historic car show in Westport today and I invited myself along (their car, a two seater so of course I had to take the VStar).
Perth Road (Regional Road 10) runs from Kingston to Westport, ending in a breathtaking view of Upper Rideau Lake. It's a popular run for motorcyclists and motorists alike with lots of gentle curves passing through small Hamlets and by lakes galore. There's a bit of construction finishing up and I'm always cautious in the "zones", always expecting some left over loose gravel.
A beautiful day with lots of cars at the show that brought back memories of both childhood and dreams gone by. Sexy imports, the old family cruisers(the Galaxy 500 bringing back memories for both Barb and me) plus many of the American Classic Muscle cars - there was a great variety, over 80 models plus a few other unexpecteds. Barb and I had the chance to walk into the village for a bit of shopping too.
Westport Ontario ( in the heart of the Rideau Lakes area. It's a quaint little tourist town sitting at the west end of Upper Rideau Lake with Westport and Sand Lakes nearby. The village is nestled at the bottom of Foley 'mountain' and the population exponentially increases on a holiday weekend, no wonder why. Delightful shops, lake and mountain views, homey little restaurants, White Mountain Icecream and today the Show and Shine Antique Car Show. If you're in the area, it's a definite destination spot.

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