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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Alright then, another lesson learned. You probably know this already, but when you’re posting a new message to your blog and you click something and get a message asking if “you are sure you want to navigate away from this page,” SAY NO, I’m not – I’m not sure of anything – please don’t pressure me. The point of this story is that I wrote a wonderfully, clever blog posting to you and lost it completely. So I gave up in disgust and went to bed.
Here I go, once again trying to remember it all, by the way this time I’m typing in word and I’ll experiment later to see if I can cut and paste (and I’ll save it, just in case). Of course I’m realizing here that I can’t remember what it was I was trying to tell you except no, I will not be ready to go on July 2, so that means, not sadly, one more Friday night dinner at the Creekside restaurant in Battersea with Sarah (our most fabulous waitress, and admirable grad student), Kyle (the owner) and Barb and Ken (my next door neighbors).
I just couldn’t get my stuff together, literally – so much to pack. I’ve spent many a waking moment trying to decide what would make sense to put in this bag? What goes with the stuff in that bag? What will I have to get off the bike first (so I should try to put it at least somewhere near the top right?) … I need a professional bike packer (do they have such a thing?). The moral of the story is my launch has been put back by one day.

I was so excited to see the first comments left by my friends – thanks Laurie and I can’t wait to show Alexa, Mitchell and Jessica my pictures along the way (I hope I don’t get so excited about the journey that I forget to stop and take pictures, I knew I should have got a helmet cam). Alexa and I have a special bond now, we’re both gals on new bikes this summer. I know Rachel will be watching and KM Sing, take a deep breath and keep singing your beautiful song. Barbara and Leslie, we’ll be chatting along the way.

SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!! Back to checking my list and trying to figure out the really important questions, "what really does get packed with the underwear?"
By the way, in my last posting I didn’t mean to ignore the mechanics at the
Performance Shed, they are fantastic as well – and the sales and service staff are phenomenal. If you’re in the market for a new Yamaha product, I highly recommend them. If you need mechanical assistance and you are in the Harrowsmith area check them out.

PS (Thanks Ken for the google search info) I have now figured out how to cut and paste a word document into a blog post. Send the document as an attachment from one email account to another, if you have two, then in the receiving account click on view, as (in my case) web layout, copy and paste - and ta da! Life is great, isn't it?And Ken, I'll keep you up to date on the riding pants and the roadside bathroom issues and whether or not to zip the pants to the jacket all from a woman's perspective as I travel.I'm sure every woman travelling by bike is eager to learn more.

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