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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just An Excuse

It did rain, really it did though I know I could have dodged the raindrops and made it back today but...the rain was a really good excuse to stay in the Muskokas for one more day that and the fact that my friend Ron said he felt like a ride on Monday and would ride part way home with me.
I think I may have found the balance between camping and hoteling for all those who can't understand how one can enjoy living in a tent and for the times when tenting just seems too wet an idea. Because of the threat of rain I decided to move from a tent to a cabin in the campground (a slightly more expensive option, but far less expensive than a hotel). It offers a roof, a bed, a front porch with a bench, electricity and room enough to stand to change your clothes. You still have to walk to the showers and the toilets but it's luxury. One can sit and gaze upon the pond from the front porch and wonder what the rest of the world is doing? Whatever it is, it can't be as good as this.
Yes, because of the threat of rain and thunderstorms today and under a for boding sky, I decided to stay one more day. I moved my gear to my new home for the night then headed to Gravenhurst to a spot on the bank that served all day breakfast. I was enjoying my enormous breakfast overlooking Lake Muskoka from under the canopy when the sky opened up for a downpour. I sat there quite pleased with myself that I had moved to the cabin until I remembered leaving my helmet hanging from my handlebars, open end up. Genius one moment, dufus the next. I figured the helmet had already filled with water so there was no point rushing breakfast. By the time breakfast was over the rain had stopped and it was hot,steamy hot and humid. I headed for the bike, flipped the helmet over in case it rained again and decided it was the perfect opportunity to visit the air conditioned steamship museum on the waterfront. The area certainly has a unique history catering to luxury of a bygone era.
It's been nice to be on vacation again - The Muskokas, you'd like it here.

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