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Friday, August 13, 2010

North of 7 - Not really north at all.

It's funny how we folks who live on the shores or near the shores of Lake Ontario think that anything north of Hwy 7 must be "northern" Ontario. I'm sure it's the moose and the bear that get us confused. Lots of folks must get confused about where they are when they hit "cottage country" though. It's obviously been such a problem that the government has felt the need to post "Ontario" signs ever fifty kilometers or so - I don't see a single "Ontario" sign on my way to work each day - I guess us "southerners" just remember what province we're in.
It might be north of 7 but it's not really the north, it's just beautiful country from Madoc to Bancroft to Gravenhurst and the heart of the Muskokas.
The sky was iffy this morning, dreary and overcast and filled with the scent of rain. I thought the weather fairies were going to betray me, but by 10 the sky had cleared and was that beautiful azure blue that riders appreciate - dotted with vanilla cotton candy clouds. I left under a level one heat advisory but the dampness kept it cool on the road and I didn't feel the need to shed my fleece liner until well after noon.
351 kilometers today on roads meant for tourists. Traffic was light going my way and it was a dream ride with two stops for gas, and several stops at Tims (both to input and output). It's nice not to be in a hurry. I noticed most today that the fresh greens of the July scenery are gone - replaced by the tired leaves and grasses of August. I swear I saw trees already beginning to turn - already putting on their Autumn browns and reds. How could that be? Dinner was in Gravenhurst on the shore of Muskoka Lake with a view of the steamship Segwun pulling out for it's nightly cruise. Could life get any better?
My little paprika tent is home once again. (Note to self, every time you plan a trip check the batteries in your flashlight - for even the brightest light from last week might have been left on in your bag and might now be dead, and pack your flip flops!)
Am looking forward to tomorrow's event. Hope the weather fairies continue to shine good weather.

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  1. Hi Karen, Preston and I just got back from Niagara Falls. We drove the U.S. side to the Canadian side. Less Transports etc, plus something new to see. The signs along #3 & 104 etc were very amusing. Wheelchair, Cyclist, Amish SP? (horse and buggy), Horse riders, Deaf person, Blind person, Deer, Tractor, Truck turning etc etc etc. It just never ended. You always knew what was up ahead. You were warned before the lights, driving 55 mph and stopping in the middle of a four lane highway for a red light. But they warned you a few feet ahead that there were lights. Seems like you have had a good summer. Thanks for letting us go along for the ride.