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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feels Like Old Times ...

Before I begin to ramble on I want to send a note to my friends in Halifax and on Prince Edward Island - Are you all okay after Earl????
Yes, it feels like old times ... one more time for the good times... one last kick at the can ... It does feel like old times as I sit here, away from home, on the road again (for a short trip). It's the last long weekend of the summer, the weekend when we close up the season and I'm happy to have one last road trip. Am I on the VStar - not a chance this time. I'm in the Big Smoke (Toronto) on a holiday weekend heading to Brampton Ontario. I've got a strong desire to live and riding a bike, here this weekend especially, wouldn't be a good choice. I took me over two hours to do the first fifty minutes of the journey - that was just the beginning.
Heading west on the 401 with high winds and driving rain reminded me of the beginning of the journey to Jackson Hole 4 years ago, but this year I was dry, wrapped in a cozy, climate controlled (did I mention,dry) SUV which, in the midst of crazy traffic, I really appreciated.
Hope you enjoy the last of the summer as you watch the beautiful blaze of colours paint their way into your lives this fall. I love the nip of coolness and the crispness of autumn, but my favorite is the smell of a stew 'crock potting' in the kitchen when I open the door.

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