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Monday, October 11, 2010

Beauty with a warning...

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Another absolutely fabulous day for yet another little ride to Prince Edward County, perhaps the last of the season. It turned out to be a bit cooler today than yesterday but the temperature was above 10 degrees C when Ron and I headed west toward highway 33 and the shore of Lake Ontario. The morning's long fall shadows stretched across the tree lined road; shadow broken with flashes of bright sunshine. This beauty comes with a word of warning...I realized that the strobe like effect of riding through the light and shadow were slightly hypnotic and I found myself in "lala" land. Take care, you might have to consciously work at staying alert riding through autumn's beauty. I love the sky above the lake and today the clouds looked like great grey geese with wings outstretched in flight. The crisp, cool air seemed apple scented as we neared 'the County' known for its luscious orchards and vineyards. I could smell smoke, not the smoke of summer's campfires but the smoke of comfortable home fires burning. We stopped for a wonderful, fresh from the garden lunch at the Tall Poppy Cafe in Wellington and then turned to go our separate ways. The maple canopies today were spectacular. I'm sure that even the sun was jealous of their blaze of colour. 423 km this weekend. I am glad that I had Alpine Star lined Gloves to keep fingers toasty warm.

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