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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy ...

The weather has gone crazy here. Two days ago it was barely 5 degrees Celsius and I was hiding inside, cranking up the thermostat, planning to take the VStar to storage in the back of the pick up truck. Today it's 20 degrees and the doors and windows are wide open. Mother Nature has gone into a tail spin and confused her subjects for sure ... not just the humans sad to say. A little walk up my road tonight, toward the lake, found it littered (close your eyes if you're squeamish) with the squashed remains of many frogs and snakes who mistakenly thought it might be spring again and forgot to look both ways before crossing the street. Is it too early to call it Indian Summer?
The wind is howling, sounding like old man winter and a Nor'easter but it is unbelievably balmy. I'm having a hard time believing it's almost the end of October but I'm hoping that the temperature holds til the weekend because I haven't had that one last ride.
The cold weather of the weekend gave me an excuse to "Twitter" away some time and I've found some amazingly interesting folks on the WWW. I'll add links whenever I find a worthwhile (in my opinion) read - there are some amazingly interesting and often funny writers out there. Enjoy - and hey, send me links to your favorites.

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