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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A SNOWDAY Top Ten List

This time, the weather ‘guys’ were right and the storm that ‘brewed’ in Texas has slam dunked Eastern Ontario just like it threatened. Way to go Texas! I wouldn’t say we’re buried but the roads seem to be developing moguls quicker than they can be pulverized by the mighty plows. We Ontarians are generally a hardy bunch, not too much shuts us down, so I was ‘blown away’ (metaphorically speaking) to hear (on my way to work already) that for the first time in twenty years the local school board called a SNOW DAY! As a teacher, of course, I was very disappointed but managed, broken heartedly, to U turn (faster than I can change my mind) and was back in the drive almost before I left - A whole SNOW DAY ahead of me. My first SNOW DAY, Yahoo!

So once past the stage of elation and disbelief what do you do on a SNOW DAY? Here are my top 10 things from today and none of them, being over knee deep in snow, has anything to do with a motorcycle, except for reading the MCC news letter:

1. Stand in awe and stare at the snow swirling, blowing, driving, blizzarding - like a scene from a weather network live cam, only this time, it’s my back yard - let the dogs out.
2. Read emails and answer the phone – colleagues calling in disbelief, just checking to see if they heard right, is it really a SNOW DAY?
3. Wander to the front window to gawk at the drifts now piling up in the driveway, strain to see if neighbor’s house is still visible across the street (not), and think, mother must be psychic (having predicted today’s school closure last night) - let the dogs in.
4. Get a jump on the weekend chores, vacuum house.
5. Furminate the Golden Retriever… think, “Could life get any more exciting?” - let the dogs out.
6. Vacuum house again, making note to self, brush dog before vacuuming next time - let the dogs in.
7. Look at drift in front of door visualizing scenes from the Day After Tomorrow - let the dogs out again!
8. Decide to finally sort the plastic ware in kitchen, job is hopeless - missing lids and bottoms still missing. Discuss (with self) the pros and cons of disposing of the unmatched pieces - let the dogs in and tell them go lie down somewhere.
9. Call mother to find out her predictions for tomorrow.
10. Take a nap (dream of riding my VStar), feel like a kid again and enjoy the SNOW DAY.

Was there any chance - anywhere that a groundhog saw its shadow today?

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