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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful Rides Close To Home

There are so many beautiful rides ... so close to home. It was such a glorious spring day I thought I'd go for one of those rides and test the new gadget.
Today's ride went along the Thousand Island Parkway with a stop at Ivy Lea to look at the boats. Then on to Brockville for a pitt stop at Timmy's (truly Canadian eh?). From there - North to Athen's, home of the murals, along to historic Lyndhurst, Seeley's Bay and across the Brass Point Bridge onto the Burnt Hills Road (talk about tails of dragons, there must be a hundred bends in 6 km).

184 km and still have a smile on my face.Tomorrow looks like another fine day for a ride. Remember May 1, wherever you are  is   ABCD  (A Blogger's Center Line Day).

On the gadget note: Blue tooth charge only lasted an hour and a half  (not very useful on a long haul) so it was back to the skull candy headphone. Humm I'm hoping the blue tooth lost most of it's charge sitting since March and will perform better once being charged again. Guess I'll have to make another test run tomorrow.


  1. See, I told you I was going to read my way through from the start! I'm going to have to check out the Lyndhurst bridge and Burnt Hills road. They are close to one of my favourite little routes I like to do: from home I work my way over to Verona then east on Desert Lake Road and then across to 10 then I usually take Opinicon Rd to the end then north on 15 briefly then catch Narrows Lock Rd eventually coming out north of Westport. From Westport [and my favourite break of a delicious milkshake no matter how cold the day is!] almost any direction is a fun road aren't they?!

  2. Milkshakes, icecream ... I'm in! You really are in my stomping grounds! Haven't done Desert Lake Road in a bit, it's always so beat up and unpredictable but Opinicon is much improved.
    I love riding 10 north to Westport (gentle, relaxing) then up the mountain and on to Perth (and Tim Hortons, eh!) From there I often head east on 43 across 15 to Merrickville (lot's of icecream there too!) then back via 8 and 42 through Delta (home of the Old Bastard's Rally) over to 33 through Lyndhurst and back to 15 south.
    (The photo on this post was Brass Point Bridge on Burnt Hills, the historic Lyndhurst bridge is stone.) On Burnt Hills you've always got to expect someone coming around a hairpin turn on the wrong side of the road ... always makes me nervous.
    Okay, you are making me wish my life away here ... I wish winter was over and it was summer once again.

    1. No kidding! I just returned to work after 4 weeks off for knee surgery. I'm pretty sure I spent 95% of my down time looking for accessories and reading ride reports --- and wishing for California weather!

    2. Ah, knee surgery, that's why you couldn't get up and run away from the blog. (You might be on to something here - to get people to read more of the blog, I just need to break their knees.) Kidding aside, sounds like the knee is recovering. There could be worse ways of spending down time - that is if down time isn't already bad enough. Good luck acclimatizing back to work - give the knee time after all you wouldn't want to wreck it for motorcycle season.