Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Gotta love my mechanic ... the sign at the front says "M is for Mechanic not Magician."
I stopped by yesterday hoping that the VStar would be coming out of her winter hiding spot soon. Of course everybody in the city wants to get their bike out this week.

She's penciled in for next Tuesday. He says, "call Wednesday." I can only hope it'll be Thursday.

Wonder if I'll have forgotten how to ride? I wonder, did she miss me? I'm already planning the careful route home, it takes a bit to get back in the saddle and be safe again.


  1. Hope you got the VStar. Don't you just love it. I had mine until it rolled over 100K+ miles. Then I felt like it was time to get a new bike. They are great bikes.

  2. Hey Motoroz thanks for stopping by. Yes, I absolutely do love my VStar (a year ago I thought I'd never give up my Suzuki - what a difference a year can make!) Right now my "Star" is being outfitted with the one creature comfort I did miss and that's the heated grips. Gotta love Canada.