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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks Gary ...

ABCD was great fun ... I certainly enjoyed running around the city looking crazy and I know my son and friend also enjoyed following me with the camera (all the while muttering under their breath, "What's she on?")

But really, I want to thank Gary for such a great idea and for having all the links posted to his site - it gave us a terrific venue to find other riders and has got a lot of blogger/riders checking each other out. I know I've found some new sites that I've added to my favorites bar. And thanks to you for all your comments. Loved checking your blogs and adding them to my favorites.

Now I'm madly trying to tag the favorites on this computer as yesterday, just before all the fun started, I had a little computer issue complete with the smell of melting plastic and I'm thinking that probably wasn't a good sign.

Happy blogging - hope I haven't missed adding you to my favorites this time around- make sure I don't miss you by sending a comment with your link if you're a rider slash blogger so I can add you to my favorites bar too.

Keep riding - keep posting!


  1. You are very welcome. I think you are right about the ABCD competition, for one of the real benefits was getting to see so many new blogs and finding out just a little bit more about each blogger. Thanks for your pictures and I am glad you enjoyed taking part. Gary

  2. VstarLady:

    Yikes ! the smell of plastic isn't good. Neither is the smell of burning wire insulation, nor the sounds of grinding metal.

    Yes, it was nice to find other bloggers too . Gary is a smart guy

    Riding the Wet Coast