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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two-Four Weekend

The Canadian two-four weekend, cottage weekend - it’s our kick off to summer. Who cares what the forecast is when you’re staring into summer with sunshine in your eyes. The forecast seemed to change hourly leading up to the weekend but Saturday turned out to be absolutely stellar. It made me a believer! I spent the day celebrating birthdays and nice weather with family, friends and former neighbors at the lake – it was fantastic. On my walk home I was struck by the fragrance of apple blossoms and the buzzing sound of thousands of bees happy to be working on a sunny day.

Of course one day of play means catching up on indoor jobs the next day but by two I’d had enough of the indoors. Even though the weather network was still forecasting rain it wasn’t happening and I was hearing motorcycle after motorcycle go by …. I decided to ride up 10 to Westport then head east to Delta. I stopped to take pictures at the historic bridge in Lyndhurst just before the rain started. Not wanting to get any wetter than I needed to I headed for home – today’s ride just over 100 km.

This weekend, the warmth, the sunshine, the sweet smell of new mown grass and lilacs made me believe summer is just around the corner … and when you’re staring summer in the face even the smell of manure seems sweet when you’re on two wheels. 

Historic Bridge - Lyndhurst, ON

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