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Sunday, July 24, 2011

528 km Today - Montana

Butte - Surrounded By Snow Capped Mountains
It was another beautiful riding day - 528 km from Spokane Washington to Butte Montana. The highway passed effortlessly from Washington through Idaho and into Montana; the mountains calmed to rolling hills around Butte but still jagged, snow covered peaks are all around. Butte became famous for its copper mines - it still has the look and feel of a rugged mining town.
Clark Fork Riverbank - Ponderosa Country
Highway 90 followed the Clark Fork River much of the way. I hear this is Ponderosa country  (they don't make westerns like that anymore.) Tomorrow the weather still looks good so I’ll head to Miles City, it will be a longer ride than today. I'm gonna miss that hour.

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  1. You finally got the perfect 'centre line' picture - too bad it was not on 'centre line' day! Hope the weather stays good for you. Today is the first day of rain in weeks. At least the heat wave is over. Stay safe.