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Friday, July 22, 2011

6,674 km

After a delightful stay and dinner with the real "Wild Hogs" in quiet Medford Oregon I headed out early toward Portland and Bob Lanphere’s Beaverton HONDA-YAMAHA-SUZUKI. I thought I had dressed warmly but soon found riding under a layer of cloud that I wasn’t prepared for the chill and needed, once again, to stop and add more layers. The hills were green and lush with forest and flowers but the farther north I rode the poorer the country appeared to be.

Bob Lanphere's
Mission Accomplished
The cloud and fog hanging over the mountains were picture worthy but today I was on a mission and that was to get an oil change and bike check up before the weekend. I made it to Beaverton (a burb of Portland) after lunch and the service department was very accommodating arranging to have my Star taken care of right away. Breaks checked, tire wear checked ...they even washed her. I have to say, Chad, the young man in service went way beyond the call of duty. He treated me just like his mother and helped me find a nearby hotel, concerned that I stay in a safe neighborhood. In Portland – Bob Lanphere’s is the dealership to stop at for unbelievable costumer service. My only complaint, hey guys, when you adjust the clutch think about whose hand has to squeeze it. Too tight, really hard to find the sweet spot and that was challenging heading out into Friday night, stop and go commuter traffic on the way to my safe hotel.

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  1. HI! I just read Kailey some of adventures that you have done so far..she says "I miss you very much because you were really nice to me and have a good good trip" lol.. She really misses you!! Hope your having an amazing time.