Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

California Costal Highway

The fog rolled over the campsite last night around nine adding a chill to the air that made me glad my little cabin was heated. I looked at the route ahead and did a little fine tuning then went to sleep early despite an invitation from neighbors to join them for a campfire

This morning the fog was still hanging over the camp and I procrastinated until the store opened and I could get a hot cup of coffee before heading down the twisting, turning California Coastal Highway on day 10 of my adventure. I wasn’t expecting to see much in the fog but it lifted enough for some beautiful views. A group of pelicans flew with me for a bit down the coast but there were few paved pull offs for picture taking opportunities. I’m afraid the ‘dog’ was still on my trail this morning but I think I’ve finally shaken him and felt more like myself and taking a swim again by the time I reached Petaluma. The road from Bodega Bay to Petaluma was an entirely different California than I had seen so far. It turned from cold and damp to sunny and warm in a few short kilometers once I turned inland. I’ve booked a sight-seeing tour of San Francisco tomorrow … Batteries are charging, I’m ready to ‘click’.



  1. Great pictures. Can hardly wait to see the whole slideshow when you get home. Try to shake that dog for good (or least send him off to the pound). Enjoy the sightseeing.

  2. I am having a lot of fun reading your blog. It would be fascinating to see how miles / kms you have travelled in total so far at the end of each post. You have gone a long way in what is it, 11 days?

  3. Hi Karen
    Reading your blog again. You are one brave lady. The photos are great and the writing creative.
    Keep Safe.

  4. Great photos and great commentary. I am very envious.