Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The pre-game show has begun – the bike has been tuned and checked, the route has been mapped (as best it can be for traveling by motorcycle).  The ‘accommodations’ aka camping gear has been stuffed and is ready to stow and I've received tons of hugs and good wishes.

It's almost time and I thought for a woman like me, packing the sunscreens, shampoo, mascara and other cosmetics to make me feel presentable on the road would be the, “I wish I had a trailer" items, but I’ve discovered the cosmetic space has been usurped by the amount of space required for technological gadgets. Traveling today requires a: digital camera plus battery charger, smart phone plus charger, I pod, blue tooth plus charger, GPS, card readers, batteries, extension cords, netbook...... Holy digital/micro-chip nightmare, it’s ‘TEHCNO-NANNA’ getting ready to ride.

Whatever happened to a motorcycle and a map? Well, those were the old days boys. A gal might not have headed out across the continent solo in the old days, but with the aid of technology I will be in constant contact ... even my mother will know where I am every step of the way. Thanks to technology - girls have been empowered.


P.S. Have you been following Tamela Rich? She's riding for a great cause.


  1. Where are you headed? I have done day solo rides, but would love to do more.

  2. VSL:

    Electronic Gadgets, tell me about them, they are now essentials for safety. I also leave in two days. I pack all my tools, chargers, cameras (3), laptop, etc and whatever is left is for clothes. The Mascara I can leave behind

    ride safe and enjoy your solitude

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Dawnita - I'm heading for the California coast - Maybe I'll see you on the road.

  4. To much stuff to move around! coocycledude

  5. Bob - You've really gotta try the mascara, batting a long lashed eye lid, I found out the hard way last year, is by far the best way to pick up your dropped motorcycle ... and Coocycledude - long time, this time I will tweet - daily, hope not to bore!