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Monday, September 19, 2011

Once More To 'The County' - 204 km

The sumacs are racing to change from their summer green to red and the riding season seems to be coming, all too quickly, to an end. Thursday morning it was a surprisingly chilly 4 degrees but by Sunday autumn gave us a reprieve; perfect weather and more riders than I think I’ve ever seen in the area. Ken and Barb got out their ’69 EType Jag and I headed out behind them for, possibly, the last ride to ‘The County’ this season.

Our first stop was ‘The Inn’ at Lake on the Mountain. A hundred bikes must have passed the little Inn while we lunched on the patio. Ken and Barb stopped to admire the beautifully restored, black cherry Ford V8, while passersby admired their jag. Of course you can’t ride or drive through the county in harvest season without stopping at an orchard or farm for a fresh taste of fall. Prince Edward County is famous for its apples as well as its vineyards.

The day was over all too quickly and we headed toward home by 4 knowing that the sun would begin to say its goodbyes for the day before we knew it. The Glenora ferry was busy with so many people taking advantage of the beautiful day but no one minded waiting for the next boat.

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