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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Ghost of Ann and A Good Case For Modern Women’s Clothing

Watson's Mill, Manotick, Ontario
Just because the Star is sleeping for the winter doesn’t mean I have to sit home, especially with the spectacular fall weather we’ve been having. So the last weekend in October I headed to Watson’s Mill in Manotick with my avid geocaching friend Leslie. Though there were a few die hard bikers in the area and I had a twinge of envy, the frosty nip in the air made me glad I was caged in Leslie’s warm little Matrix. The goal, as part of the ‘cache,’ was to visit the mill and call on its resident ghost.

The mill is said to be haunted by Ann. Poor dear, her long skirts caught in the machinery pulling her to a tragic death in 1861. Our mission that Saturday was to call her forth. Our plan had been to boldly charge to the top of the mill and shout for her. In the end we tip-toed in, quietly whispering “Come forth dear ghost,” both of us suffering from a last minute faint heart and a tweak of, “but what would happen if it was really true?” Needless to say she didn’t appear.

Even without the ghost, the day was terrific with lunch at the Black Dog and a hike around the mill to enjoy the beautiful scenery - just another spectacular spot to visit in Ontario.


  1. Yep, riding season is pretty much over but I still can't decide whether to put my Sportster to sleep or not. I guess as long as there are a few other places you can go to leave the house, everything is good...
    PS: I like ghost stories and they don't have to be true ;-)

  2. You have a spectacular amount of water in your area according to your map - how absolutely wonderful.

    Pity you weren't able to report a ghostly presence though although perhaps just as well :-)

  3. We are so lucky - so much to see and do in every season, it's Canada eh!
    And Geoff, it is wonderful living just between the land of a thousand lakes and the region of a thousand islands ...
    As for the ghost - maybe next time (or maybe not!)

  4. I wonder what you would have done had the ghost appeared. Be scared out of your mind and fled, or wondered so much about what it was and how it was there, that you would be fascinated and wanted to find out more? I suspect I might be the latter, but who knows what reaction seeing a ghost would have?

  5. Gary, the foremost question was ... so what do we do if? Probably why we left as soon as the words to call her had been uttered, or maybe it was just too cold to stay (I wonder if the sudden chill ...). Anyway, we turned out to be quite the pair of (air chilled)'chickens.' But what fun!
    We might have to go back and try again.