Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day Three - 32 km Walked To Date

China Town - Monday Morning
New York Stock Exchange - Wall Street
The Broker and the Bull
The New Tower Rises - Looking over Ground Zero
 Manhattan Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge
Grimaldi's Brooklyn - Best Pizza in NYC
 East River Taxi - Brooklyn to Manhattan
 Off to Bloomingdales
Fanellis Cafe - Established 1847


  1. Wow you have really been walking. Good for you.

    And seeing so many different things. I am really enjoying the pictures.

  2. There are more pictures now then there were earlier. Posting the food pictures is borderline cruel especially since we have no really good pizza places around here. The streets don't look as crowded as I remember them...

    1. Am having a bit of trouble posting from here ... there are still lots of people, depending on where and when you go, the city never sleeps but Sunday morning I think they sleep in. (Sorry about the food tease, if it makes you feel better had the worst hotdog ever at the Met today :0)