Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May One: Scenes From The Hood

The Lake (between raindrops)
Trilliums (Right on cue)
Dandies (Here and gone already)
Bird (On a stump)
 Update on Randy ...

Randy has disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared. I saw only what looked like the tip of a twisted, work booted foot peaking over the sides of the pick up truck as it rushed out the drive. Nothing remains but the scrape marks made as his heavy body was dragged across the dirty concrete. The Star is lonely! Where's Randy?


  1. Great pictures. I hope you get some sunny riding weather soon so your bike isn't lonely.

    Love the picture of the carved bird on the stump. Way cool. I want one in my yard. :-)

    1. I love the bird too - definitely gets my vote for best decorated stump on the road.

  2. VS Lady:

    I'm thinking that Randy has itchy feet and just got tired of hanging around looking at the ceiling. Now you're going to have to mount your Star and go looking for him. He could be anywhere, maybe even make it to Oregon in July

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    1. Do you think Randy is on a break away? There's just nothing else I can do then but go looking for him. I'm going to have to find him! Where in the world is Randy?

  3. Where's Randy indeed. Send out an amber alert!

    1. There's an A.P.B.! If it every stops raining the Star and I will be heading out to look for him!