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Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting For Two Storms To Collide

The Skyline - Wolfe Island Ferry Dock 5 pm
By 5 pm this afternoon the winds were picking up.  As I waited for the ferry the east coast waited for Sandy and Western Ontario waited for two storms to collide. Folks are/were predicting "Frankenstorm."

The east coast of the United States is just now being battered by Sandy, stripped of her category 2 hurricane status, now a post tropical cyclone - the effects of her rage will be felt inland as far as Western Ontario. Sandy's fate, a duel with another storm. Right now she's reeking havoc, dropping snow on Virgina, pounding NYC with storm surge waves ... who knows what her furry will bring... 
A seagull stalled in the headwinds
1.5 million people in the eastern US are already without pots, pans and pails have been filled with water, my flashlights received new batteries. OK, I've been thinking, my car may be less than intelligently parked under an old Maple tree, but I'm ready. I think I'll be lucky. I won't feel the worst of it but hope you all keep safe!


  1. Karen:

    I hope the Storm isn't going to be as bad as forecast. It has already been downgraded in strength.

    I just know that you're going to be okay

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  2. Bob - I live in the Battersea Bubble. You may not have heard of it but storms never hit us in the Bubble. West of here and especially east of here the storm is proving to be vicious ... but here, we have a bit of wind. We're fine. Here's hoping our friends in the zones are okay as well. Nice to know you care!

  3. I'm hoping the storm doesn't cause you any problems.

    1. Erik we were lucky, we had a bit of high wind but nothing like predicted. The eastern seaboard of the US not so lucky, it has been devistating.

  4. Do you take a ferry on your normal commute!?

    Did the collision of the cold front and the tropical storm result in a ton of snow?

    1. Richard, I don't take the ferry but my son does daily. I was was waiting for him yesterday afternoon ... watching the gulls actually get pushed backwards. We were lucky, some strong winds but nothing like predicted (not only that, the colder temps that were predicted ended up being higher than seasonal average, plus 15 today.) West Virginia however has been covered in heavy snow - 2' in some places.

  5. I hope all is well with you Karen. We're thinking of our friends in the east and wishing them well.

    Batten down the hatches.

  6. Trobairitz - here's hoping all of our friends on the eastern shore are safe. There are still over a million folks without power - NYC and the Jersey Shore are devistated. I feel charmed - we got nothing of what was predicted.