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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

“Tour de Garages” - Post 7: The BMW R90S

I’ve been lax posting this week … sometimes work gets in the way of play, but the latest winner is...

Richard. Once again Richard,  you have proved amazing … from a mere spark plug you guessed it (a true BMW connoisseur.) This is indeed a BMW R90S; 1975.  It’s on the hoist right now because, after sitting for 10 years, like all things mechanical has suffered some deterioration and requires maintenance of this type and that, I didn't ask!
The paint is all original and apparently unique to this model. (This is the only bike in the 'not collection' that Ken hasn’t actually ridden - yet!)

 ... And the wire goes to ...
The R90S wasn't the only BMW in the herd … I also found this 1996 R1100 RS - it looks a little more street worthy (notice the 'at ready' tank bag and battery tender.)
To quote Ken, “You have to be of the right age to ride a BMW, and now I’m the right age - so I bought one.” (Or me thinks, two!) He's apparently more than the right age since he told me the plan this spring is to start out with the R1100 (it’s got the ferrings, nice when it’s cold) then when it’s warmer he'll move to the KTM (I think the Star and I have ridden with Ken on the KTM - someday he'll tell me more about that one too.)

So I asked him which was his favorite and in true rider style he answered, "What ever bike I'm riding right now." But I did finally get him to confess he has one he finds the most fun to ride ... it's the ...
I can't even think of a clue for this one other than it's hot, it's got a bit of history and was born a lot closer to home.


  1. Replies
    1. Make, model, year - and now colour! You've set the standards high for guessing!

  2. Congrats to Richard once again....he may just be in the wrong line of work?? You're doing a great job with these Karen, making a fun way to ease through Ken's wonderful collection of machines.

    1. Thanks Coop, I've got a few more from Ken's garage that I'll post before I move on to the next garage. You're right about Richard for sure, right down to the colour - amazing.

  3. It's a H-D of some type, probably Buel? 1999 S1 with blue frame??