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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

“Tour de Garages” - Post 9: The Norton Dominator Road Racer
"What the heck is it?" For the best/most honest question of the day, I'm giving this one to Trobairitz!
Trobairitz, it's a Norton - this was then (Early photos courtesy of Ken)
This one was near, if not impossible (even with most of the bike showing) to identify - but it was such a part of Ken's history, life and collection that it was a must on the tour. The clue that it was a race bike, I'm told:  there was no headlight (that makes sense.) Today she stands, tires removed but still almost ready to rumble.

 This is now
This is the bike Ken has owned the longest. He bought this 750 Norton Dominator at the age of 19, new, for the road racing circuit.

After a few modifications, retrofits and years, in the late 70s, when the bike and Ken were both of ‘an age,’ he raced it again on the vintage circuit. He’s had this bike for 43 years. There are some things even the toughest of us are reluctant to part with.

Photo courtesy of the racer (Ken circa 1979)... only the number (time and racing 'fashion') has changed. 
And next ... just a couple of little beggars I found lurking in the corner...the frog green might be a giveaway, but can you guess the little red number right beside it?
100 bonus points for either or (the far left -  the Norton)!


  1. An old Greeves Trials Bike? Ken's old Norton has quite a history, so good that he's been able to hang onto it. Please share this with him....

    Does he still do vintage racing? Will we see at Road America for the AHRMA races in June?

    1. A message from Ken: "Coop ... I won't be racing anymore, including at Road America as much as I'd like to. The mind is willing but the body doesn't bend and bounce like it did 30 years ago! Every once-in-a-while I think about going to a classic bike track day. Interesting story about Peter Williams Norton. I saw two of his race bikes at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham during one of our UK visits. I hate to admit it but I'm old enough to have seen Peter Williams race a factory-prepared Norton at Daytona in 1972 as well as at Mosport the same year."

    2. Ken,
      One of our coffee buddies was just over to see the National Museum, lots of interesting things to tell...I've still not seen his photos. The old videos are so much fun to watch; the only witness I'll have to factory Norton's on the course.

      I used to attend the Superbike races at RA almost yearly but now they can't hold a candle to the old stuff and the old guys. It's so much fun, seeing and hearing the variety of machines, many of which were never intended for the track. Old motocrossers, old Trials and of course, old road racers. I'm getting grey....there's a LOT of white in the paddocks. Tickets are bought, we'll be there again.

  2. Coop - too fast, too fast. I will pass the link on to Ken. He does not race anymore ... it is a wise man who knows when the time has come, but he rides.

    1. Karen, I did see the name on the tank but remember that head and cylinder very well. We've got dozens of old magazines here for reference but I didn't really need to go look.

      I'd love to be around when Ken has "start 'em up day"

    2. What a great idea...I'll have to suggest it.

  3. What can I say, I didn't have a clue on what it was.

    Wow, that Norton has history. It is nice to learn the history of the bikes you are posting up Karen. And I am glad he still has his beloved bike.

    No guesses for the last pic. I am no good at this game, but I like reading about it all.

  4. Thanks Brandy ... I'm enjoying the "trip" myself.

  5. Karen:

    I am also no good with vintage bikes. Just letting you know I stopped by

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. I didn't have a clue...may some googlng would have done the trick? I am learning a lot from this series..