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Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Diversion - New York City 2013

 Day 1: When in China Town …
So many places to choose from ... tonight it was 456 Restaurant. Spring roll to start then crispy duck and vegetables with black mushrooms.


  1. Looks like pretty good eats! Spring break trip?

    1. It is spring break for us ... and the food was fabulous - only wish I could have tasted every dish on every table.

  2. Such an exciting place to visit...I'd go again! Have fun Karen, enjoy your time away.

  3. New York, my kind of town (at least for a few days). I never thought of hunting Chinese food though... for me it will ever be the best Italian food outside of Italy.

  4. Karen:

    I love the Erhu, your 4th photo. They make beautiful music . . .

    enjoy your time away, we are envious . I noticed those chopsticks but they look wood coloured, not stainless coloured

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Cooop - it is an exciting place to visit ... like Sonja says, for a few days. I love it. Right now the hotel internet is an on again off again thing though.
    Sonja we were headed toward little Italy but just couldn't get past the menus on Mott Street we might make it today.
    And Bob - I had no idea what that instrument was called, but it had a very interesting sound. (Yes, restaurant issued, wooden chopsticks and I thought I almost had the hang of them ... gave up and used my fingers.)

  6. Never been to New York, it always looks like to many people for me. But you manage to make it look fun.

    Enjoy your Spring Break.

  7. Trobairitz I love exploring the neighborhoods off the beaten path but sometimes to get there you've got get through the human jungle and there certainly are a lot of people (Never have run into anybody I know though ha, ha.)