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Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 The Eastside story: The Day After ... Who Ya Gonna Call...

I live in a stunningly beautiful area and while I'm waiting to show it to Bobskoot I decided to join my friends on a little day trip.
Originally we planned to head to Clayton NY. Little did we know that everyone in this part of the world also had visions of crossing the border. We missed the first ferry so diverted to the bridge where the line up was backed up for 'miles' so it was on to plan B - stay in Canada.
We headed to Gananoque ON for lunch and after took a stroll around the town where we found this parked in a lot ... So, who ya gonna call?
Ghost busters...alive and living in Gan.


  1. Karen:

    can't wait to see part of your world. It's been a while since I have been to Gananoque.

    your border crossings are like those on the west coast on a holiday weekend.

    still in Montreal. I love it here but we have no time to relax as we seem to be getting home around midnight

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. I've always had my suspicions about those Gan folk. :-)

  3. Nice catch! The new GhostBuster-mobile. Not as classic as an old ambulance but still nicely done.

    How much of a break before school begins?

  4. Only in Canada ... Ghostbustin' in a Ford Taurus.
    I still have a bit of a break (time for a few day trips, but have to get some work done in between - The holidays always seem to zip by so fast!)

  5. thanks for another great write up! After reading I realize that I really need to better chronicle my trips, even if they are much shorter than yours [so far!] Your 2013 trip went through a few places I rode to in 2012. I went through Salem and out onto Cape Cod [camped in Truro, dined in Providence] But while reminiscing about mine while reading yours, I couldnt remember my route! I recall camping in Newport --- playground of the rich --- then pushing onto Cape Cod the following morning. I then worked my way north following the ocean past Plymouth Rock then up to Salem so it seems we did a similar route in the opposite direction. I recall passing by a huge oceanfront beach area --- the kind you see in movies --- that was jam packed and the boulevard traffic was very slow. Dang it if I can remember where exactly it was, but I seem to think it was between Plymouth and Salem. And, haha, I too made a wrong lane change in Boston and ended up at Logan! I managed to get out a little faster than you did though.
    I'm curious as to how you keep track so well? On ADVRiders I saw a tip to sit down with a notepad/laptop at the end of each day while everything is still fresh in mind. I guess you must do something similar? I'd start a blog myself but I think it would be extremely boring unless I changed my mindset. See, I don't stop to "smell the roses", or even to eat really. I tend to camp off by myself so I can get up early and leave without disturbing anyone next door. Thus, I dont meet many interesting people as you do. My "big meal" of the day is a breakfast after a couple hours of riding. That would be a pretty boring write up I think! haha

    1. On long distance rides one can get caught up in 'ride and don't stop' mode. I still look back with regret at photos I let go by because I didn't stop, so I remind myself it's okay to stop if I want. And yes, I carry a netbook - at the end of each day I enjoy making notes, writing a blog post, looking back and ahead at the map. A tip I was given by a friend was to highlight my map route in colour. Each year I pick up a new 'planning' map from CAA and in my map bag I carry colored highlighters. It doesn't hurt that Garmin Dan has a great route memory as well, and that I can tag my photos with GPS coordinates.

    2. Oh ... I forgot to mention, having a moto-blog is great, whether you have anything to say or not, it's like being part of a great community.