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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Right then – Part two of Motorcycle SuperShow 2014.

Getting ready to head to the show and the question entered my mind, “What the heck am I going to be looking for?” This is motorcycle blog fodder, I need a focus.

Well, for sure I’m going to be looking at the GP Bikes display, totally disappointed with my (only 2 year old) Gears saddle bags I’d already dog eared a couple of pages in their catalogue, but 500 exhibitors in 425,000 square feet of space needs a plan. I subscribe to MotorcycleMojo Magazine and I’m lucky enough to have a few other current motorcycle rags hanging about by donation … and visions of motorcycles were dancing in my head.

While madly leafing through the glossy pages it came to me. Start by looking at what the experts are looking at: whether for paycheque or passion, they know more than I do, so I quickly scribbled down some unofficial statistics. What's hot for 2014? Based purely on the number of pages devoted to the model in the 5 current motorcycle magazines that I had on hand I came up with a short-list.

The Yamaha FZ09 came in at first place with a record 21 pages devoted solely to it (Wow).
Tied for second were the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 (turning 30) and the H.D. Ultra (Glide and/or Classic) models with 9 pages each.
In third, with 8 pages each, were the CanAm Spyder and the Yamaha FJR1300ES (way to go Yamaha marketing department, 2 in the top 3ish.)

I had a good place to start ... and then I'd just let the farkles and the sparkles lead me where they may. Of course this time I had my own personal tour guide, Ken, whose knowledge of motorcycles old and new is encyclopedic. I knew he'd keep me focused. (PS I'm leaning toward the Spyder - one word: REVERSE!)

In the end ... Ken and I both agreed, though we couldn't put a finger on why. This years show was better than last years.


  1. Ural has reverse and many sidecar builders can put in reverse…

    The Spyder looks massive in the last photo.

    1. Richard, it was massive - though comfy to sit on. It also has power steering ... kind of like a Volkswagen without a lid isn't it? The other option I didn't mention was - training wheels.

  2. Red is a good color for you.. A trade in the works?

  3. It sure was a flashy machine ... but no trades in the works (just thinking ahead for when I'm too old and feeble to balance the star at a stop sign ... oh wait a minute, I have some of those days now.)