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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

5,664.5 ... Top Ten And Another Day At The Beach

5,664.5 kilometers on two wheels, 60+ kilometers on two legs and I'm back home again. It was a good trip with some short rides, some longer rides and some days with no rides. The Star is polished up and ready to go again.

And The Top 10 Reasons to get back early...
10.  It's not raining at home (and I get preferential parking every day.)
9.  I ran out of face cream.
8. My electric toothbrush needed a recharge.
7.  I ran out of laundry soap (and clean socks.)
6.  There are no 'stink bugs' in Battersea.
5.  Ontario cicada bugs do not sound like sheep during the night (and at least I know the person who is snoring in the room next to me.)
4.  There is still time to explore some beautiful sights along the roads near and around home.
3.  It gives the cat more time to get over being mad at me (I think I've been forgiven for being away.)
and the #2. and #1. Reasons -  Granddaughters #1
 and #2 and another day at the beach.
And then on the walk (another 6 km) home I spotted a rogue sunflower growing in the ditch ... how lucky.


  1. Karen:

    welcome home. Home is where the heart is, good weather doesn't hurt either

    bob: riding the wet coast

    1. Thanks Bob ... home is nice (but always filled with so much work to do, something that just melts to the back of your mind when you are out on the road.

    2. I was going to say the same as Bob so I'll just tag along on his comment.

      They sound like perfect reasons to be home early too.

  2. Another safe summer adventure. My friend who put many many miles on his V-Star just traded it for an Indian Chieftain. I'm wondering how that's going to work out.

    Being able to sleep in my own bed is always up near the top of my list of good reasons to come home early. I certainly can't argue with the granddaughters, although my second granddaughter isn't due til August 15.

    1. Thanks Keith, the girls are cuties and I think grew while I was away.

    2. PS the new 31/2" air matt (filled with hot air, mine) was quite comfy and definitely kept me off the rocks and roots well.

  3. No "grands" of any sort yet for me but I certainly can appreciate that draw. Welcome home safely and thanks once more for taking us east.

    1. Thanks Coop, it really adds another dimension to travelling when you can share it via the internet doesn't it?

  4. The cat looks a lot like our cat. And 10 sound reasons to visit home in the middle of your road trip. So when's the next chapter?

  5. Thanks Richard ... you must have a beautiful cat too (does it have attitude?) Where next, not sure but have a few weeks.